No matter who you are, where you are from, what you believe, how old you are, or what your work status is, if you live in the United States you and your family should be guaranteed to receive medically necessary care when sick or injured, without worrying about how to pay for it.

We Americans pay more health care taxes than do the citizens of any other country, and yet when we need care, we are least likely in the developed world to be able to pay for it. And American patients are more likely to die from disease and injury which should be amenable to known clinical treatments than patients anywhere else in the developed world.
The American Health Security Project plans to change all that. Since we pay more for health care than citizens anywhere else, we should receive better care, simply financed, at no cost at the point of service, always. It is time to change the politics of health care in the United States. Politics change in America, regrettably, requires the deployment of Political Action Committees (PACs). The owners and operators of US for-profit health care corporations donate millions of dollars to PACs, which in turn give the money to politicians of both major parties thereby buying the political influence which guarantees health care profits while stealing health care from American patients. The American Health Security Project will be the PAC with the political muscle to push back against business as usual in American health care. We will put patients first before profits.

If the safety record of American hospitals was applied to the airline industry… a fully loaded 747 would crash every other week.

– Dr. Joseph Q. Jarvis

We pay twice as much as any other developed nation for health care, yet we have the worst health of them all. And while we pay the highest taxes for health care in the world, tens of thousands of Americans die each year from treatable illness merely because they can’t afford medical care.